Ticket sales

Online ticket sales for Turku Music Festival are managed by our partner, buy your tickets HERE

The prices we quote include service fees. may charge additional delivery fees, depending on how you want your tickets delivered. outlets

In Turku, you can find Lippupiste full-service outlets at Stockmann, at the K-Citymarkets in Ravattula, Länsikeskus and Skanssi, and at the Prisma supermarkets in Itäharju, Länsikeskus and Tampereentie. You can find a full list of Lippupiste outlets here: POINTS OF SALE

Lippupiste sales and advisory service: Mon to Sat 09.00–19.00 +358 (0)600 900 900 (EUR 2 per minute or part thereof + local call charge)

R kiosks

You may purchase tickets at any R kiosk. To find an R kiosk, use the kiosk search

Monitori Market Square

Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00 and Sat 10.00-15.00 Aurakatu 8 | KOP-kolmio, 20100 Turku

Ticket sales for the Turku Music Festival have been relocated from Turku Concert Hall to Monitori on Market Square. The tourist information service at Monitori sells tickets for the Turku Music Festival, the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra (TFO) and the Turku City Theatre. Monitori accepts cards, cash, gift vouchers and Tyky bracelets as payment. Other forms of payment such as Smartum and Virikeseteli vouchers are only accepted at Lippupiste full-service outlets.

Sales at the door

On concert nights, tickets may be bought at the door from one hour before the concert.

Prices and concessions

Ticket prices are given in the following formats:




  • Concessions: Tickets at a reduced price are offered to students, children under 16, conscripts and persons in non-military service, and unemployed persons. If you wish to purchase concession tickets, you must be prepared to present proof of eligibility.
  • Mobility impairment: Mobility-impaired customers and their assistants are granted a 50% discount on the normal ticket price. The number of seats available for mobility-impaired customers is limited and depends on the venue.
  • Group discount: Groups of 11 customers or more are granted a 10% discount.

Group sales

Group sales for the Turku Music Festival have been entirely transferred to Lippupiste. In any matters concerning booking or purchasing group tickets, please send an e-mail to or phone +358 (0)10 633 1065. Group tickets booked must be purchased no later than 2 months before the event.

Gift voucher

A gift voucher is a welcome present and will be honoured as payment for any tickets to concerts and other events at the Turku Music Festival. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. You can use only part of the value contained, and the gift voucher will retain the balance for later use. The easiest way to purchase a gift voucher is to visit the Lippupiste online store: LAHJAKORTTI.

Turku Music Festival tickets also double as bus tickets

Simply present the barcode on the ticket to the reader device at the front of a Föli bus or waterbus. No separate ticket is needed. Each Turku Music Festival ticket can be used as a Föli bus ticket for 3 hours before the performance in question and 2 hours after it. Each ticket can be used for a total of four trips, meaning that you can transfer between buses once each way, if necessary. Föli operates in Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Lieto, Naantali and Rusko, with the same tickets valid in the entire operating area. Please note that Parainen is not a part of Föli area and therefore the tickets are not valid in public transportation in that region.

Ticket sales in exceptional circumstances

During the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we follow all of the safety recommendations issued by the authorities without fail. A summary of all important and up-to-date safety procedures that we observe at our events is available here: SAFETY. In these times, you can cancel tickets even at short notice, unlike in normal circumstances. Please do not come to a concert if you feel ill! Also, enter your contact details when purchasing tickets so that we can contact you in case of a cancellation. Please note that in these exceptional circumstances there are no ticket sales at the door and we do not accept cash as payment. We reserve the right to changes caused by responses to the coronavirus pandemic. (Terms and conditions of sale updated on 26 April 2021.

Refunds (vouchers and cash) through Lippupiste:

If a concert is rescheduled, then tickets already purchased will be honoured as is on the new date if this is specifically mentioned in the rescheduling announcement. Please check the details for any particular concert on our website. Programme link:

If you wish, you may exchange your purchased tickets for a Turku Music Festival gift voucher or request a cash refund if the rescheduled concert date does not suit you. The date by which refunds must be applied for is given in the refund instructions for each particular concert.

A refund voucher will be accepted as payment at Lippupiste full-service outlets (but not at R kiosks or in the online shop). The Lippupiste website has a list of full-service outlets:

To claim a refund, send an e-mail to Lippupiste at or phone +358 (0)600 900 900 (EUR 2 per minute + local call charge). Your message must include your mailing address and the ticket numbers of your original tickets or other identifying details such as the order number.

You may also claim a cash refund here: or by returning your original tickets by mail, enclosing your contact details and bank details, to:

Lippupiste Oy / *Event name* refund Kalevantie 2 (B-talo) 33100 Tampere

Only the ticket price itself will be refunded. Service fees and delivery fees will not be refunded. Because of the large number of refund requests pending, there is currently a delay in paying out refunds.

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