This night I am not afraid to walk through the dark



Sigyn Hall

Linnankatu 60


35 | 32 | 18 €

Seela Sella actor
Pia Freund soprano
Kristian Attila piano

Seela Sella reads from the letters of famous Finnish artist couples in a programme combining music and poetry. The programme draws on the lives of artist couples (including Sibelius and Kuula) to illustrate what it meant for them to be alone and to be together, to flourish, to grow and to say farewell, to exist in an environment of creation and destruction. Some of the finest Finnish classic and contemporary solo songs engage in dialogue with letters by Aino Sibelius and Alma Kuula and others, and with poetry by Katri Vala, L. Onerva and Aila Meriluoto. The composer names on the programme include Sibelius, Kuula, Madetoja, Kilpinen, Attila and Ilkka Kuusisto. The letters are read in Finnish.

1 h 30 min, 1 interval