Maria Ylipää & friends



Ruissalo Shipyard, the Westin Hall

Hevoskarintie 23


38 | 36 | 20 €

Maria Ylipää, vocals
Niko Kumpuvaara, accordion
Marzi Nyman, guitar
Ville Herrala, double bass

Versatile actress-singer Maria Ylipää and her dream trio fill the stage with big emotions and ever-changing ambiances. The concert consists of stage music as well as Finnish poetry set to music. The program includes, among other things, chanson á la Édith Piaf and Jacques Brel, German cabaret music by Friedrich Hollaender, Finnish poetry set to music by Anna-Mari Kähärä, and songs composed by Marzi Nyman for Maria and Niko Kumpuvaara.

2 h, 1 interval