From Constantinople to Moscow



Turku Orthodox Church

Yliopistonkatu 19


11,00 / 6,00 €

Vocal Ensemble Psaltikon
Father Damaskinos (Jaakko Olkinuora)
Markus Hänninen, Juhani Vesikkala, Petri Nykänen, Aleksi Suikkanen

Byzantine and old Russian Orthodox chant.

This concert brings the listener along on the journey of eastern Christianity from its principal centre, Constantinople, queen of cities, towards the lands of the eastern Slavs. The journey traces a musical development from monophonic Byzantine chant in Greek, rich in microintervals and ornaments, to the simpler Russian chant in Church Slavonic that subsequently evolved into polyphony. This early harmonic environment, however, is a far cry from the German and Italian influences that came in the 17th century: early Russian polyphony amazes the modern listener with its unpredictability.

Duration 45 MIN. No interval.