Jazz by Candlelight: Max De Aloe Baltic Trio



Turku Cathedral

Tuomiokirkonkatu 1


27,50 € | 17,50 €

Max De Aloe, chromatic harmonica & effects
Niklas Winter, guitar
Jesper Bodilsen, bass

The music of De Aloe reflects his native country, Italy, and it is this that lends the trio its basic flavour: a combination of the sound world of Nordic jazz with a Mediterranean love for melodic richness. This is at the core of their most recent album, entitled Valo (Light). Just to make sure of getting the mix right, De Aloe chose Nordic musicians as his partners: Niklas Winter on guitar and Jesper Bodilsen on bass. Valo is nominated for the Album of the Year in Italy (Orpheus Award 2018).

1 h, no interval