Il Pastore e Cantora



Catehdral parish assembly hall

Eerikinkatu 3


Vapaa pääsy

Kati Urho, actor (the ‘Reverend’)
Kaisa Takkula, soprano (the ‘Cantor’)
Anni Collan, piano


The charming Right Reverend Aatos Ohrankämmen has managed to entice Klaara Kukkapuro, the attractive culturally oriented cantor, to join him in a singalong evening inspired by the Summer Hymn [a favourite tune among Finns, traditionally sung on the last day of school in spring]. The evening transports Aatos and Klaara into the magical world of opera. The performance includes an audience singalong with numbers from hymns to schlagers, punctuated with hearty humour from the Reverend and breathtaking singing from the Cantor. The performance is in Finnish.

1 h 45 min, interval
Cathedral parish assembly hall (Eerikinkatu 3, 2nd floor)