Home concert: Brinkhall



Brinkhall Manor

Brinkhallintie 414


38 | 35 | 18 €€

Tami Pohjola, violin
Juhani Lagerspetz, piano
Jakob Dingstad, viola
Marko Ylönen, cello

Asasello Quartet:
Rostislav Kozhevnikov, violin
Barbara Streil, violin
Justyna Sliwa, viola
Teemu Myöhänen, cello

Johann Adolph Hasse: Fuga e Grave for strings in G minor

Alfred Schnittke: String Trio
Pohjola, Dingstad, Ylönen

Jean Sibelius: Cantique and Devotion op. 77
Pohjola, Lagerspetz
Sergei Rahmaninov: Sonata for cello and piano in G minor op. 19
Ylönen, Lagerspetz

Brinkhall Manor was designed and built by Professor Gabriel von Bonsdorff in 1793. A couple of years earlier, he had become one of the founding members of the Musical Society of Turku. The Finnish Cultural Heritage Foundation’s chair Kaija Hartiala gives a welcoming talk. The works on the programme are all reflections of a kind – to a parallel reality.

2 h, 1 interval