Archbishop’s home concert



Archbishop’s residence

Agricolankatu 2


38,00 / 33,00 / 28,00 €

Kreeta-Maria Kentala, Baroque violin
Mikko Perkola, viol
Eero Palviainen, lute

H. I. F. von Biber: Mystery Sonatas (Rosenkranz Sonaten), selection Biber’s Mystery Sonatas are among the finest instrumental music of the Baroque era. They call for the violinist to use scordatura, or unconventional tuning. They are an excellent fit for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, as they trace the life of Christ from passion to ascension.

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen and Mrs Mäkinen will once again be welcoming a recital of the Turku Music Festival into their home.

Duration CA 2 H.