Turku Music Festival has concerts all over the city, so we recommend You check the location carefully before the concert. Also explore how to get to the concert location beforehand. If You intend to buy tickets at the venue we recommend You arrive at least half an hour before the concert begins. The tickets will be sold an hour before the concert.




It is forbidden to take photos and make sound or video recordings during concerts as it may disturb both the performers and the audience.
Mobile phones must be switched off, as they can disturb the sound engineering.





At some concert venues (i.a. The Concert Hall, Logomo and Sigyn Hall) interval refreshments may be ordered in advance.
More information can be found on the venues own web pages.





Turku music festival has taken disabled persons into account when planning festival venues.
All venues have disabled access and reserved tickets for attendants who are in wheelchair.





If you happen to find lost goods, please return to the concert staff or the Turku music festival office.
Turku music festival will keep found goods till the end of the festival.