18/08/18 | 15:00

Volter & Hilja

15 € + museum ticket

Your words are like light to me

Laura Kokko, violin & narration
Essi Luttinen, song & voice of Hilja
Petri Haapasalo, piano & voice of Volter

Volter Kilpi (1874–1939) is one of the most significant authors of independent Finland. His idiosyncratic use of language has been compared to that of the great innovative European classics of the early 20th century. A touching love story outlined as a literary recital. This programme immerses the listener in the correspondence between author Volter Kilpi and his future wife Hilja Vanhakartano prior to their marriage, a powerful atmosphere full of love. Laura Kokko’s narrative illustrates the passionate courtship of Volter and Hilja in early 20th-century Finland: a touching story of shared emotion, of the growth of fondness into a deep affection, and of the obstruction of their love by Hilja’s family. There are excerpts from the actual letters, edited and published by Laura Kokko, and a selection of classic tunes selected to underpin the emotional charge of the writing.

1 h, no interval


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