19/08/17 | 11:00


11,00 / 6,00 €

Cow: Hanna-Maija Aarnio, violin, vocals
Granfather: Esko Grundström, double bass, vocals
Mouse: Riikka Helske, kantele, vocals
Cat: Essi Putkonen, violin, vocals
Horse: Tero Pajunen, guitar, vocals
Piglet: Heidi Tamper, winds, vocals

Old MacDonald has bought a new tractor. Before the tractor can get to work, there are many
problems to sort out, and the animals on MacDonald’s farm and the kids in the audience are needed to help! Come along to sing and play with us – this concert is for everyone from infants
to pensioners! This concert tells a story and is based on the highly popular Traktori disc by the Ammuu! children’s orchestra; the disc won the Emma award for Children’s Album of the Year in
2011 and was also chosen as the best children’s album of 2011 by the early childhood educators’

You can buy your tickets through the entire summer also at the Adventure Park!
The concert is suitable for people aged 0 to 100. Duration 40 min.


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