16/08/18 | 17:00

Päivi Lipponen’s Book Lecture

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WSOY, celebrating its 140th anniversary, is publishing Päivi Lipponen’s first novel Ihmisyyden vuoksi (“For humanity”) in August. This historical novel is situated in the early years of Finland’s independence, 1918. The Turku Music Festival in co-operation with Turku City Library organizes a public lecture where Päivi Lipponen tells us more about her brand new novel. The lecture takes place in the library’s Studio.

Päivi Lipponen, Ph.D., has published a total of seven fiction books so far. She works as a journalist and teacher of history and social studies in adult education. She also leads the Päivi and Paavo Lipponen fund. Lipponen has made a 20-year career in municipal and national politics, and in 2007-2015 he served as MP.

Duration: 1 h
The lecture is in Finnish
Free entry!


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