25/02/19 | 18:00

Lina Prokofiev – victim to love and to totalitarianism

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Lina Prokofiev (1897–1989) was a Spanish-born singer who met Russian composer Serge Prokofiev when the latter was in exile in the USA following the Revolution. They married and had two sons. In the 1930s, the Soviet Union began to tempt Serge to return to his native land, and in 1936 the family relocated to Moscow. However, the Prokofievs soon found themselves living a precarious existence, as Stalin’s regime began to put a stranglehold on all artists. In 1941, Serge left his wife for another woman. Seven years later, Lina was sent to a gulag and was not freed until Stalin died in 1952. She was allowed to emigrate to the West in 1974. Lina dedicated the rest of her life to administering the musical legacy of her husband.

Celebrating its 60th edition, Turku Music Festival organises two musical lectures together with the Turku City Library. The combining theme of these lectures is Celebrating women. Pianist Ari Helander (b. 1959) has selected two remarkable, yet marginalized artists as topics for his lectures: pianist Clara Schumann (1819–1896) and singer Lina Prokofiev (1897–1989).

For several years now, Ari Helander has been giving musical lectures combining narrative, music and images. He is particularly interested in the personal lives of composers and musicians and in how the political and social circumstances of the day affected them.

Mon 18 Feb 2019 18:00 Clara Schumann – pianist, composer and mother

Mon 25 Feb 2019 18:00 Lina Prokofiev – victim to love and to totalitarianism

Turku City Library, Studio

The duration of each lecture is approximately 1 h 30 min and the entrance is free of charge. The lectures are given in Finnish only.



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