02/12/20 | 19:00

Kjell Westö: Tritonus

36 | 33 | 29 €

Tickets go on sale on 30 September 2020 at 9:00

Kjell Westö, author & reader
Paulina Ahokas, interviewer
Jenny Carlstedt, mezzosoprano
Anna Aminoff, flute
Mark Reding, clarinet
Mikko Kosonen, guitar
Marja Rumpunen, piano
Tuomas Turriago, piano
FINESTre string quartet

Concert tour based on Kjell Westö’s best-selling novel Tritonus. Sanat & Sävelet [Words & Music] is a concert programme designed as an interaction between an author, his novel and top-quality musicians. Author Kjell Westö is himself involved as a performer and meets readers on tour: autographed copies of his novel Tritonus are available at the concerts.

Tritonus is a thematically rich novel where Kjell Westö addresses multiple universal and always relevant topics such as the importance of friendship and music; the greatest fears of people today, from pandemics to eco-disasters and terrorist attacks; the idealisation of physically strong men; the need for withdrawal and solitude on the one hand and the need for healing as part of a community and a circle of friends on the other. And we must not forget the sensual aspect of human existence, the desire for love and physical intimacy.

The novel is equally rich in musical content, with hundreds of inspiring references sprinkled throughout the narrative. Both the publisher of the Finnish version (Otava) and the publisher of the Swedish original (Förlaget) have posted music playlists on their website, complete with expansive commentaries by Westö. It is from these elements that the ‘Words & Music’ tour was born.

Jointly produced by Tampere Live, the Turku Music Festival and the Savoy Theatre. Kjell Westö is interviewed by Paulina Ahokas, managing director of Tampere Hall.

1 h 10 min, no interval


As at the concerts of the Turku Philharmonic, attendance at Turku Concert Hall will be limited to just over 300, taking safe distancing into account. Concert guests will be directed into the hall so that distancing is observed.

The Turku Music Festival requires that concert guests wear face masks. Our employees will be wearing face masks. We will be passing out face masks to audience members at the door and require that people will use them if they have not brought one of their own.

Please stay home if you have any symptoms. Due to the coronavirus situation you can cancel your tickets as late as 7 hours before the performance starts. Their value will be credited to a voucher to the Turku Music Festival and the voucher will be valid up until 31 Dec 2021. If you have symptoms, send an e-mail to Turku Concert Hall Sales Service at .


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