18/08/17 | 17:00

Two Mannerheims – The last Order of the Day

38,00 / 22,50 €

Timo Närhinsalo, C. G. E. Mannerheim, puhe / tal / speaker
Waltteri Torikka, baritoni / baryton / baritone
Ville Matvejeff, piano

The last Order of the Day” is a mini-monologue written and performed by Timo Närhinsalo. It is set in January 1945: Mannerheim has resigned as Supreme Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces and is now President of the Republic. He is visiting the Headquarters at Mikkeli, where he writes a draft for the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between Finland and the Soviet Union, reminisces on the past and reflects on the future. The performance closes with baritone Waltteri Torikka – who appears in the title role of the opera Mannerheim at the Ilmajoki Music Festival this summer – singing tunes from the time when Mannerheim was young and living in St Petersburg. Mannerheim is known to have enjoyed opera.

Duration 1 H 15 MIN. No interval.


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