17/08/18 | 18:00

Home Concert: Volter Kilpi

40 €


Laura Kokko, violin & narration
Essi Luttinen, song & voice of Hilja
Petri Haapasalo, piano & voice of Volter

Letters and music. Author Volter Kilpi was born in the island parish of Kustavi but went to school and made his home in Turku. Having married, he and his wife moved to an apartment on Vartiovuori hill in summer 1919. Now, a unique home recital is being given in this historical space, where the author began work on his magnum opus, Alastalon salissa (In the parlour at Alastalo), considered the most important Finnish 20th-century novel. The current residents begin the recital with a talk about the history of the house.

1,5 h, no interval

Audience members are requested to assemble at Vartiovuorenkatu 1.


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