14/08/17 | 19:00

From Russia with Love

28,00 / 17,50 €

Antti Reini, narrator (Finnish)

The Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble:
Malin Broman, violin and viola
Malin William-Olsson, violin
Catherine Ribes, viola
Johannes Rostamo, cello
Simon Crawford- Phillips, piano
Rick Stotijn, double bass

Video projection: Mattias de Frumerie

Tšaikovski – Prokofjev – Lyapunov – Arenski – Gubaidulina – Šostakovitš – Schnittke – Kapustin

A concert experience featuring one of the world’s musical superpowers, presented by the chamber music concept Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble. Film, images, text, poetry and art blend with music in From Russia with Love as the ensemble conjures up a musical collage of this great eastern nation over a period of a hundred years or so from the late 19th century onwards. Great Russian composers are highlighted against the background of a collapsing conservative Imperial regime, the Communist Revolution, war, the Soviet state, Stalin’s terror and glasnost: the social order and dramatic political developments have always had a huge influence on and control over culture and music in Russia. This can be heard in the composers’ works and traced in their biographies. Both Prokofiev and Lyapunov were driven into exile by the Revolution, while Shostakovich struggled with a complicated relationship with the Soviet regime. Tchaikovsky, as a homosexual, was tormented throughout his life by the conservative social norms of the Russian Empire.

Duration 2 H. There is an interval.


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