Maria Ylipää

Maria Ylipää is one of the most prominent performing artists in Finland. She is an actress and singer, known for numerous appearances in music theatre, in film and on TV. She played the female lead in the hit musical Kristina från Duvemala by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus in its run of some 300 performances in Helsinki, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Her most recent lead role in a musical was in Chess at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki.

In music, Maria Ylipää is known for her wide range, being at home with jazz combos, big bands and symphony orchestras alike. Her first album was a joint release with Emma Salokoski, Omani uni [My own dream] (2010). She released her first solo album, Onerva, in 2013. In 2014, she made her début at the Savonlinna Opera Festival as the Blind Singer in Aulis Sallinen’s opera Kullervo.

Ylipää studied voice with Eija Orpana-Martin at the Theatre Academy, at the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark in 2006–2007, with Tania Travers in New York in 2009–2010 and with Estill Model coaches Anne-Marie Speed, Ian Nicholas and Tim Richards from 2016.