Ilkka Vainio

ILKKA VAINIO is a second-generation entertainer, a ‘rascally choirboy’ who has written songs of every imaginable taste and description. As a producer, he has released nearly 10,000 tracks and produced 200 gold and platinum discs; as a performer, he has filled more than 200 churches with concerts of his songs, creating a new kind of event at the request of the parishes. His songs are intended for all the people, and his uniquely profound and sensitive performance style is an inimitable strand in the history of Finnish popular music that has coloured his entire life.

Ilkka Vainio and Koko kansan partio [Patrol of the people] is a lineup of some of Finland’s finest musicians (other collaborators given in parentheses):
Jani Jalkanen – vocals and bass (Kari Tapio, Jani Jalkanen ja Hänen Orkesterinsa, Paavo ja Zephyr)
Legenda Luumu Kaikkonen – vocals and guitars (Tuomari Nurmio, Remu, Kari Tapio)
Tapani Laastola – percussion (Kirka, Matti ja Teppo, Viihteen Kenttämiehet)
Matti Rantatalo – vocals, piano and keyboards (Arja Koriseva, Anneli Saaristo, Matti ja Teppo)
Jussi Liski – vocals, piano and keyboards (Pekka Pohjola, Lapinlahden Linnut, Viihteen Kenttämiehet)
Myy – vocals