Seela Sella

SEELA SELLA has created a career on the stage in Finland spanning more than 50 years, performing at venues such as the Finnish National Theatre, the Tampere Workers’ Theatre, the Tampere Comedy Theater and Teatteri Jurkka in Helsinki.

Sella has also given monologue performances and entertainments with songs and poetry recitals, initially with her husband. She has appeared in several Finnish feature films and TV series. Her variety show Sella seisaallaan [Sella standing up] was produced at the Tampere Workers’ Theater and at the Espoo City Theatre. She received the Alfred Kordelin Foundation merit prize in 2000 and the State Prize for Drama in 2009. In 2007, she received a Jussi Award for her supporting role in the film Kalteva torni [The leaning tower].

Artist’s events

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