Sounds of sailing at the Commodore’s

Interviewing Samuli Salanterä, Commodore of the Turku Yacht Club


What inspired you to open your home for a concert?

”Commodore’s home concert is the debut of our old grand piano for the big audience. The instrument is a Bechstein’s A grand piano from 1907, and I bought it for my wife as a gift for our 10th anniversary. It has so far been played far too seldom. It has once been played for Estonia’s president Arnold Rüütel, but it’s mostly been used to play traditional Christmas songs for the close family. That is why it is in such great condition – it even has the original hammers.

The over 100-year-old grand piano was shipped from Bechstein’s fabric in Berlin to a piano shop in Helsinki, from where it was sold to Aurakatu, Turku. From there, it was bought to our home, with the help of a piano tuner. It has a long history in Turku. It would be interesting if someone recognized it and would be able to tell us more about its previous life.”

How can the sea theme be heard in the program?

“The sounds of the se and the wind are important in sailing, and sails can be trimmed with the help of those sounds. The concert consists of works that share a similar structure to the sounds of the sea and the wind. Strong and quiet moments take turns. The sea can be relaxing, but also threatening. We wished that happy songs be included as well to remind of the balance in life – there is always room for joy, too.”

What does music and Turku Music Festival mean to you?

“The home concert is the first of its kind in our home, but I have represented a company that has been in collaboration with Turku Music Festival since the 1990’s. Culture is an essential part of human well-being, and it’s a great opportunity for a company to promote that.

Visual arts have inspired our family more, but you can enjoy music even if you don’t play it yourself. Music is a part of our everyday life and promotes well-being, helps to relax, and reduces stress. A home concert makes that possible for us as well as other people.”


Commodore’s home concert, Sat 10.8. 13:00 & 15:00

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