Claes Andersson

Tribute concerts for Claes Andersson

The Claes Andersson & Julia Korkman-concerts 20th and 21th of August will be arranged as tribute for Claes Andesson.

”We discussed the concerts with the musicians and Claes’ close family, and we decided that the concerts will be held. They will be a tribute for Claes. We will put emphasis on music that was important to Claes, as well as his own lyrics and compositions. Music and poetry was Claes’ way of processing emotions, and it feels natural to pass this legacy on. We will also perform the newest piece, Inandning, utandning, which I and Claes worked on only a few weeks ago”, says Julia Korkman.

“The sudden decease of Claes Andersson shocked us all, and we want to express our condolences to his family. After conversation with Julia Korkman, who performs in the concerts, we decided to arrange the concerts as memorial concerts according to the family’s wishes”, explains Liisa Ketomäki, the chief executive officer of Turku Music festival.

Riitta Paakki, who has previously played as a stand-in for Claes Andersson Trio, will be playing the piano at the concert. Andersson and Paakki have even performed four-handedly before. The concerts will take place in Turku Castle the 20th and 21th of August at 19.