Turku music festival presents: Chamber Orchestra of Europe & Sakari Oramo

Hommage à Paavo Berglund

TURKU MUSIC FESTIVAL continues its series of visits by distinguished international orchestras with the arrival of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, founded in 1981. Declared the “best in the world” by the BBC in 2011, it is an ensemble formed of top-rank European soloists. Among all the complete recordings of the cycle of Sibelius symphonies, that is one that generally recognised as being a cut above: the recording made by Paavo Berglund (1928–2012) and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe in 1998. The Festival wishes to make a somewhat unusual contribution to the Sibelius anniversary year and also to celebrate the life’s work of our most prominent conductor of Sibelius, Paavo Berglund. The orchestra and conductor Sakari Oramo present these concerts as a tribute and homage to the great maestro.

ErityistaThe idea for this project comes from a plan that the late
Paavo Berglund, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the
Turku Music Festival worked on before the great conductor
passed away. When asked to take over, I was honoured and
exhilarated. Working with the COE has been one of the happiest
memories in my career, and being able to take an ”in depth”
plunge into Sibelius with them is a dream come true. -Sakari Oramo



Chamber Orchestra of Europe

→ Thu 8.8. 7 pm Turku Concert Hall
→ Sat 8.8. 7 pm Turku Concert Hall

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