Turku Music Festival and DBTL start cooperation

Turku Music Festival and DBTL -city festival will begin a collaboration in the upcoming spring with joint ventures in content, marketing, advertising and joint-productions. The cooperation will be perennial and both promoters are excited about expanding the collaboration.

Turku Music Festival and DBTL are nationally significant events and both events are Finland’s oldest in their respected genres. “DBTL is one of most important summer festivals in Finland and Turku Music Festival is proud to start collaborating with another strong promoter from Turku”

There are plenty of terrific summer events in Turku, that have well-established dates and audiences. Turku Music festival and DBTL have noticed that they need each other. Together the possibilities of national and local marketing are greatly improved and both parties can benefit from each others partners. This cooperation makes producing even bigger and more spectacular events possible and broadens the nationwide visibility of both events.

The first joint production will happen already this summer at The Night of the Arts with a candle lit concert at the Turku Cathedral where Indica will perform acoustically. Indica is finnish mystic romantic pop rock group that was formed in 2001. Indica has sold platinum and gold with their previous records and will publish their new Finnish sung album Akvaario and simultaneously their English album Shine.
Tickets to the concert will be sold by Lippupalvelu.fi and ticket sales start Thursday 23rd of January.

More information:

Pasi Tamminen 0400 860 446,

Liisa Ketomäki 040 740 6200,


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